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Patient Referal Services

We service over 10M high intent visitors a month across our global network, and would be happy to build a patient referral service for you! Looking for potential study referrals, or research data retrospectively or prospectively give
us a call.

TECHNOLOGY Developement

Need a Tel medicine or Custom Application developed for your specific need? Our geeks are on stand-by ready to serve you. From Predectivite Analytics and Artifical Intellegence to HIPPA compliant EMR or EMS we can meet your unique needs.

COVID Testing & Supplies

Our back office system will allow you to log in and order in real time based on your specific needs. If you need several accounts for your buying team call us directly. Many find one single sign on works. Get started now!

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Changing the face of healthcare

Digital Transformation

Cost Reduction & Increased profitibility

Real-tiME Actionable Analytics


Member Benefits

Welcome to the network. We operate as a buying co-op. You will want to work directly with your member partner to get the best deals. If you do not have a sponsor feel free to order online 24/7. If you would like to be connected to a
Member Partner for additional savings call 972-800-6670 or


What our customers say about us:


Buyer AO2 Corporate

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Your geeks took it and delivered a better system than we asked for!



Our referral count is better than before, with an overall success rate 3X of our old company!

Cash Docs


We are very happy with the level of expertise we have received! Especially through corona you shined with speed to help our patients. Thanks!

Dr. H

Pain & Science

Our Surgical Practice would not of reopend if it was not for the creative team working to meet our end goal!


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